Articles | Volume 40, issue 3
30 Sep 1985
 | 30 Sep 1985

Freihandelszone Shenzhen in der VR-China : Experiment im Rahmen der neuen Wirtschaftspolitik

D. Šimko

Abstract. Since 1979 the Chinese People's Republic has attempted to implement part of the new economic policy of reform in the Special Economic Zones (SEZs). The Shenzhen SEZ is the largest of the four existing SEZs and has an area of 327,5 Square kilometres and about 84'000 inhabitants. In the Shenzhen SEZ, most of the foreign investment is concentrated in the real estate/construction business and tourism and not exclusively in manufacturing. The joint-ventures have proved to be disappointing and currently account for only 2,8 % of the total investment.On the other hand, cooperative production is still the principal form of investment with 56,8 % of the total. The economic and technological dependence of Shenzhen SEZ on Hongkong is likely to have an adverse effect on production costs and the price of land. The accelerated development in Shenzhen SEZ has been accompanied by inadequate infrastructure Provision and serious social problems.