Articles | Volume 42, issue 2
30 Jun 1987
 | 30 Jun 1987

Talgenese im Quartär : eine Standortbestimmung

C. Schlüchter

Abstract. State-of-the-art knowledge of valley-forming processes in the Alps and the southern and, especially, the northern foreland is presented. Based on the stratigraphy of the Quaternary infill of formerly broadly and deeply excavated valleysystems, it is concluded that the main erosion predates the "Rissian" of the classical nomenclature by at least one glacial cycle. A comparison in landscape evolution of the Cover- Gravel-Area in eastern Switzerland with the central and western foreland points to active tectonic adjustments during the Quaternary. Also, the Sedimentation in the deeply eroded ("overdeepened") Valleys of the Foreland and the Alpine Border was initiated, most probably, by the "Middle Pleistocene change in geomorphological evolution" "Mittelpleistozäne Wende").