Articles | Volume 67, issue 4
19 Mar 2013
 | 19 Mar 2013

„Markets in the Making“: Zur Ethnographie alltäglicher Marktkonstruktionen in organisationalen Settings

S. Ouma

Abstract. Drawing on the example of a research project on the extension of the margins of the global agricultural market through the workings of agribusiness in Ghana, this paper explores what contribution ethnographic approaches can make to the study of quotidian market constructions in organizational settings. It demonstrates how ethnographies of marketization can be grasped conceptually, epistemologically and methodologically, as well as what practical and methodological challenges such a practice-oriented approach towards the everyday organization of markets might encounter. By doing so, the paper offers a methodological contribution to the interdisciplinary field of marketization studies. Moreover, this paper urges economic geographers to further harness the epistemological potential of ethnographic approaches.