Articles | Volume 42, issue 2
30 Jun 1987
 | 30 Jun 1987

B.F. Kuhns Beitrag zur Gletscherkunde vor 200 Jahren

H. Röthlisberger

Abstract. "B. F. Kuhn's contribution to the knowledge of glaciers 200 years ago". An extensive summary of Kuhn's essay "An Attempt on the Mechanism of Glaciers" is given with ample citations. He shows a remarkable insight into conditions and processes that make a glacier. Without using the following terms he describes metamorphism, the accumulation-ablation area concept, mass transport, glacier movement, formation of moraines and glacier variations in logical order. His glacier-flow mechanism by cavity collapse at the bed is a weak point, but the glacier-tremor reported in context deserves recognition: so does the essay as a whole.