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Geogr. Helv., 70, 185–192, 2015

Special issue: Mapping, measuring and modeling in geomorphology

Geogr. Helv., 70, 185–192, 2015

Standard article 10 Aug 2015

Standard article | 10 Aug 2015

Estimating greenhouse gas emissions from travel – a GIS-based study

S. Kuonen

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Short summary
In this study, the GHG emissions from travel activities of attendees of the EGEA annual conference 2013 have been calculated in a GIS-based analysis. The travel activities of the participants result in total GHG emissions of 39,300 kg CO2-eq including both outward and return trip. On average a participant caused GHG emissions of 401 kg CO2-eq. The potential to reduce GHG emissions by substituting flights (-32.6%) and choosing a more central site (-26.3%) has also been assessed.