Articles | Volume 75, issue 3
Geogr. Helv., 75, 259–269, 2020

Special issue: Die ungeheuerliche Raumphilosophie von Peter Sloterdijk

Geogr. Helv., 75, 259–269, 2020

Standard article 04 Sep 2020

Standard article | 04 Sep 2020

Foams of togetherness in the digital age: Sloterdijk, software sorting and Foursquare

Sarah Widmer and Francisco Klauser

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Drawing on qualitative interviews conducted with users of the smartphone application Foursquare in New York City, this article explores what navigating urban space and finding places of interests (cafés, restaurants, bars, etc.) means when relying on maps that are algorithmically personalized. This article questions the ways in which users are profiled and categorized in fluid and post-demographic ways and draws on the concept of foam from Sloterdijk to address these fluid spatialities.