Articles | Volume 78, issue 1
Theme issue overview
29 Mar 2023
Theme issue overview |  | 29 Mar 2023

Overview: Für eine (Neu-)Theoretisierung und (Neu-)Methodologisierung bevölkerungsrelevanter Phänomene

Mathias Siedhoff, Birgit Glorius, and Jeannine Wintzer

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Mortalität aus kritischer Perspektive sehen – Plädoyer für eine kritische Diskussion struktureller Einflüsse auf die Sterblichkeit
Mathias Siedhoff
Geogr. Helv., 77, 505–510,,, 2022
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Human Geography
Challenging global changes in a post-revolutionary context: the case of irrigated olive growing in central Tunisia
Emilie Lavie, Pepita Ould Ahmed, Philippe Cadène, Ismail Chiab, and Vassili Kypreos
Geogr. Helv., 78, 417–428,,, 2023
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Adaptive governance as bricolage
Fanny Frick-Trzebitzky, Rossella Alba, and Kristiane Fehrs
Geogr. Helv., 78, 397–409,,, 2023
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Arrival brokers as a key component of the arrival infrastructure: how established migrants support newcomers
Nils Hans
Geogr. Helv., 78, 381–391,,, 2023
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Intentionality and visibility in state- and society-led climate approaches: towards a more comprehensive understanding of local adaptation initiatives
Peter Eckersley, Wolfgang Haupt, Viviana Wiegleb, Jens Niewind, and Antje Otto
Geogr. Helv., 78, 369–380,,, 2023
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Infrastructures in the context of arrival – multidimensional patterns of resource access in an established and a new immigrant neighborhood in Germany
Nihad El-Kayed and Leoni Keskinkılıc
Geogr. Helv., 78, 355–367,,, 2023
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The authors of this editorial call for a more consistent opening of population geography in epistemological, methodological and theoretical respects. They want to point out possibilities of connection to debates that have already found a firm place in other fields of human geography. At the same time, it is a concern to emphasize the necessity of continuously subjecting the discussion of the phenomenon of population to critical scrutiny, both within (human) geography and outside of it.